Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What's in my head

Our cat Toby will NOT stay out of the Christmas Tree. It's very frustrating! We find ornaments on the floor almost every day, & today he was crawling IN the tree, on the branches, & I had to yank him out. Aaaggghhh.

We have real live mistletoe hanging in the entry to the living room. You should come over with your special someone. :-)

I bought the most adorable pink & green necklace last night. My fave color combo!!

So, you know, it's the holidays, & everyone eats a lot during the holidays (the Today show said that the average American gains between 5-10 pounds between Thanksgiving & Christmas!). I am trying to get rid of the 3-5 extra pounds hanging on since the wedding (I got rid of about 8 other ones that came on after the wedding; the last few are the hardest you know), especially right now because if I didn't try to be good, I would just eat & gain those billions of holiday pounds. This is all to say, my diet has consisted of snacking thoughout day on cereal, yogurt, cheese, peanut butter filled pretzels, apples, corn cakes (like rice cakes, but taste more like popcorn), slices of turkey sandwich meat, & granola bars. I only eat when I know I'm hungry (not just bored), & drink lots of water. & I eat peanut m&ms to get that chocolate fix. Yum. Then dinner as usual. & of course I work out 4 times a week, 50 minutes of cardio each day & then some weights. We'll see if I actually lose weight! :-)

Oh, I also learned on the Today show that a cup of egg nog has the same amount of calories as a Quarter Pounder.

It's cold outside.

I am going to try to get more painting done in the bathroom on Friday.... it's so not fun being in that room, with no ventilation, painting all the little crevices. Poo! (No pun intended.)

Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla Coffee smells really good.

My favorite animals are cows & squirrels. We have had lots of squirrels in the backyard the past couple of months. Sage loves to chase them. No cows though.

I'm going to go wrap a Christmas present now... then clean the bathroom... & you all know how I feel about THAT!


Casey & Lauren Coats said...

you are so driven!! i have gained so much weight since we got married last december. i was in such good shape when we actually got married, and then i just lost it somehow. i don't FEEL like i'm doing anything different, but maybe i am. i have also wondered if it is birth control pills. almost been a year and i have probably worked out 10 times total. it is sad :( i have accumulated quite the stomach pooch. have you always worked out a lot?

The Roberts' said...

ya since early college (i was 20 lbs heavier in high school) i have exercised consistently. i gain weight so easily, ESPECIALLY now that i dont walk across campus several times a day! we joined a gym when we moved here; i wouldnt be motivated to work out if i had to do it outside. brr!

The Dodds said...

I'd rather have a Quarter Pounder... WITH cheese. :)