Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I have a document on my computer named "Tuesday" (because the day I wrote it was Tuesday so it saved like that). I always keep this document up because it is my constant to-do list. I add things I need to do later in the week, or next week, most things under a specific day, then as I do them I take them off the list. Some things are vague, that have no immediate deadline, so I'll put those at the bottom under no specific day.

(I love lists. I love checking things off, & I rarely forget something I need to do.)

However, for whatever reason, I have not felt like being productive. I haven't want to do work-related things, or things around the house. I want to sleep & sit outside & drink Starbucks & that's about it.

So today, as I look at my list... there is a certain item I am avoiding... it was under yesterday's list, & it didn't get done, so it's just sitting there... waiting... so I look at my list to see anything, ANYTHING else I can do on it besides that one item... so I'm printing things, writing emails, doing things on the bottom of the list, the non-day items, oh & BLOGGING, all to avoid.........

"clean the bathrooms"


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