Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tag I'm it!

1. I hate lemon in my water. Eww, e-coli!
2. Josh & I have tiny matching freckles on our right palms.
3. I have seen "Win a Date with Tad Hamilton" eleven times now.
4. I love to cook but I never think food tastes as good when I cook it opposed to when someone else does.
5. I "type" words in my mind when people talk, occasionally using my toes that coordinate with the correct finger (ya that probably qualifies me for insane).
6. I was the only person to get a 100% on the music test we took in 5th grade so they signed me up to play the oboe.
7. When I use bathrooms that have a shower in the room I have to check behind the shower curtain to make sure no one is back there first.

I'm going to tag..... Kristin (hopefully that will make you blog! :-) ), Claire, Bailey, & Molly!


Becky and Patrick said...

Thank you for that post! It's encouraging to know we're going through things lots of people have gone through! This week was actually quite a bit better; Patrick says that I don't get enough exercise and that's why I'm tired all the time so I'm working on that and it really really helps.

Honesty time. I've read YOUR blog off and on for quite some time now. I don't know how I found it? Through someone else's I'm sure. :-)

And if it makes you feel less insane, I think of different ways to spell words when people say them that would sound the same as the way they already are spelled.

Have a great rest of the week/weekend!

The Dodds said...

what are we supposed to answer? i'm confused... i've never been tagged before!!

The Roberts' said...

7 things about you that most people dont know! or whatever you'd like to say about yourself :-)

C-LSchafer said...

Thanks Courtney for playing! Missed ya'll tonight, we'll have to get together soooon!!!!

Claire said...

I'm glad Bailey asked what to do, cause I had no idea! I'll get on that post soon!