Friday, October 10, 2008

Three Things

1. Gas prices have fallen below $3 in San Antonio... WHOO!!!!

2. Josh & I just watched the premiere of Kath & Kim on the internet since we were gone last night... HILARIOUS.

3. So today I was mopping & smelled a horrible stench coming from our coat closet. It seemed to be coming from Josh's hunting vest so I took it outside, then aired out the closet (which in turn stunk up the rest of the house). When Josh got home he investigated & sure enough... he had left a dove in the pocket from last weekend. There has been a bird rotting in our house for the past week. SICK.


kristin said...

that's sick. why did he put it in his pocket in the first place? for safekeeping? silly boys. that reminds me of dumb & dumber - not inferring that josh is dumb but I think theres some part of the movie where they carry around a dead bird.

Casey said...

are you serious? kath & kim was so terrible. oh, brother.

Molly Kate said...

eww! :)

The Dodds said...

gross gross grosss... but so hilarious!! I'm going to have to checkout kath and kim.