Thursday, October 16, 2008

One Issue

I am a very opinionated person. Although I will write on here about Truth & things of the Lord, even if some people disagree (because I don't care if people disagree, because it is Truth), I do try to stay away from airing my personal opinions of things on here, mainly because only a few people REALLY know me, & I just want to stay away from stirring up controversy with people that don't know my heart.

I also hate politics. I tune out of political conversations (just ask Josh, or Kristin), mainly because so many people get so heated about things that have no eternal value. Don't get me wrong. I am informed, I allow information to come in, I just don't like discussing it all the time.

So those two things said, I have avoided any talk (on my blog) of the election & alllllll the stuff that has been on TV, Internet, radio, etc. for the past year.


This is something I can't leave unsaid.

There are many, many issues I could discuss about the candidates, what they want to do, & what I think of it all. But in this election those things don't matter in regard to how I will vote.

I believe there is ONE issue of all these that God is passionate about, more than any other. That is how I will vote - for the candidate whose views & passions line up most with God's passion.

I will vote for life.


Casey said...

not that you asked, but since you posted this, i'm taking it that discussion is welcome...

first, i totally agree with you that abortion is murder. that being said, i am voting for obama. although i disagree with his view of abortion, i think he has a better plan for reducing abortions. mccain simply says he is pro-life (and it's a new stance for him). and that's that. he has no plan. he may say he's going to have roe v. wade overturned, but i honestly don't see that happening. therefore, i cannot vote for a man based on one issue that i don't believe he can do anything about. if you want to know obama's views on abortion, and his plans to confront the problem, this is site i think it worth checking out:
and just fyi, i believe that obama is a christian. i believe he is a praying man, and a follower of christ. i do not believe this to be true of mccain. the ONLY time i've heard mccain mention his faith was during the saddleback forum (a forum aimed at christian voters). i've heard obama mention his faith on many occasions. i may disagree with his exact views on some things, but i'd much rather have a president who is a believer and prayerfully considers his decisions. i'm not trying to change your mind at all. just telling you what i think. word.

The Roberts' said...

thanks for your comment casey. i welcome them as long as they are loving & not harsh, desiring unity instead of dissention.

i hope that all of us that love Jesus will be praying in the next couple of weeks to make sure our hearts are lined up with His. obama & mccain supporters alike. lets not be like the israelites, demanding a king even tho that is not what God wanted for them. lets desire what He desires. He knows what is best for us & our nation. im going to be fasting & praying & i hope all of you will consider to do so as well.

Claire said...

Courtney, I support your views and Gods views, I am with you/HIM 100%. I pray America will vote how God desires not be swayed by promises, eloquent speeches, or false justification.

Chastine said...

I agreee with Claire. Let people vote on their faith and not some speech!

That is too bad that you hate politics, but I understand, most do. Mostly because they cannot understand it themselves or because they chose not to take the time to understand politics, when in actuality it is quite simple. But yes, all of the negative campaigning , and lies, and corruptness is annoying to all and gives the America people less hope in their leaders. THAT IS WHY, I am SO grateful to God that HE has appointed good Christians in Washington D.C., not only in public office but also to work here.

Washington D.C. is a mission field, if I have ever seen one. As they say, if you want something changed for the better, you must be willing to change it yourself. Since I work in D.C., I have been continuously encouraged by the wonderful people God has placed in my life. Did you know that my first boss was probably the biggest Christian in the US House of Representatives? And I didn't know that when I was hired! And trust me, he has been prosecuted by the left and eve some from the right for his faith. But he stands firm! Why? Because he takes his calling very seriously and is here in Washington D.C., to change America for God! Not this crap of "change" that Obama is talking about. No, I do not think the kind of "change" that God is talking about is killing babies… hence if you read any information at all, you would know that one of the FIRST things our new President Elect is going to do is sign the Freedom of Choice Act, which in turn will basically wipe out ALL of the state's laws on abortion. Can you believe that?? HA! And so for this, I am thankful that the Lord has brought great and strong Christian leaders to Washington D.C.

We all cannot pretend that the world is some happy little place because we don't want to face the truth. Keeping the Lord's will is a battlefield because every day in every way, Satan will use anything and anyone he can to destroy the work that God is doing all around our country.

I am proud to be here fighting the great fight for our country, and more importantly for our Lord!