Monday, September 21, 2009

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Our church hands out a study guide for the week with questions about the sermon from that day, as well as scripture & questions to prepare you for the next Sunday's sermon. On today's section, it asked me to write out ten things I am thankful to the Lord for, as part of worship. It's easy, I think, to think of general things, like health, relationships, etc., so I felt led to write out things I was thankful for in regard to my relationship with the Lord. I was able to think about the things He has shown me recently, as well as His characteristics that have been revealed to me, write them out, & just THANK HIM for them.

How often do we just sit & think about how the Lord has related to us? How He has proven Himself faithful, how He has led us, how He has changed us, how much He values us & thinks we are beautiful & worthy & useful to Him, regardless of what the world tells us? He is deserving of CONSTANT praise, & if only I always remembered these things... if only I always saw myself how He sees me, if only I always found my worth & value in Him... I think we'd be different people. I know I would be.

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