Wednesday, September 23, 2009

September 23

That's today!

The weather outside is AMAZING!! It's been drizzly/rainy all day, & in the low 60's. It's like winter! I have one window open & it is actually cooling my house - am I still in Texas?! On days like this I think it is a MUST to have some comfort food for dinner. I didn't know the weather would be like this when meal planning, but it just so happens I have a turkey-rice deal in the crock-pot, which is filling my house with yummy smells. I can't believe it's almost time to bust out the chicken & dumplings & cranberry chicken & apple cider stew recipes!!

So today just so happens to be the day Josh & I started "dating" in 2005 & the day we got engaged in 2006. Now obviously wedding anniversaries are really important & fun to celebrate. I'll always remember every detail of that day even though it sped by. However, September 23 is a day that we celebrate because it was a special day too. It represents the day that I stepped out in faith & obedience - which doesn't sound romantic at all, but the year that Josh pursued me, when I wouldn't date him, God had a lot to do in my heart in preparation. & September 23, 2005 represents the cumulation of lots of prayer & growth, on Josh's part too, in us beginning this life-long relationship. The next year's September 23 was obviously another day that represented lots of prayer & seeking the Lord regarding our future (even tho when I said I'd date him, I knew I was saying I'd marry him - once we were dating we had no question whether or not we'd get married). So, I like to remember this day, in 2005 when Hurricane Rita was blowing into Texas & most of College Station cleared out in fear of their lives & Josh & I sat in Carino's while I barely ate because I knew I had to tell him I was ready to say yes, then in 2006 on our one-year anniversary, when I had wondered if we'd get engaged that night but had convinced myself we wouldn't, & we went to Christopher's for dinner then to Research Park & God stopped the rain for about 20 minutes for the proposal. It's so good to see His faithfulness in our relationship & how He prepared us for each step.

September 23 is a good day. :-)


The Dodds said...

It rains a lot on September 23rd for you!! What a great reminder!!

The Roberts' said...

oh my goodness bailey you are right... that is funny! it actually rained last year on the 23 too, i remember!!! i wonder if it did 2 yrs ago... now im sure it did. :-)

C-LSchafer said...

How sweet! I love hearing how God brings each couple together. Special days like that are priceless! Now as for a closer belly shot you requested... it might appear soon, just for you:-)