Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Week 21


10 1/2 inches head to foot; no weight in the email this week, weird.

Baby Changes (Source: BabyCenter.com.)
Your baby's eyebrows & lids are present now. (It also mentions that I should soon be feeling flutters turn to kicks, but Elliot's been kicking the poo out of me for a few weeks now, so that's old news.)

Best Moment this Week
We bought a glider for his room, & I did some online registering. I feel productive actually getting stuff done!

BOY! Elliot James.

Still kickin' away. It's getting more obvious what he's doing in there - I am starting to be able to distinguish what his movements are. He moved a couple days ago from being breech to being head-down so now his kicks are high instead of low. He also lets me know when I'm bending over too far, like he doesn't have as much room in there all of a sudden.

Food Craving
Cherry flavored stuff... cherries, cherry flavored sparkling water, cherry Coke. Random.

I'm sleeping okay. I have determined based on the past two Saturdays that my body needs about 11 hours of sleep a night right now. I'm definitely not getting that which is why I'm always tired. My back hasn't hurt too much this past week which is good.

What I am looking forward to
Continuing to register & get his room ready! I have a feeling this will be a project for the next month-6 weeks.

Slight nausea, exhaustion, aversions.

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Claire said...

Rachael Ray makes a dessert pizza with ricotta cheese and cherries on it. It sounds interesting but good. Maybe you should try it!