Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend Getaway

This weekend Josh & I went away to my parents' ranch. He has been so busy with work & traveling & I have had work & baby stuff & all kinds of preoccupations; we definitely needed a break!

It was SO NICE to be away & take a mental break from everything. We slept in, laid around, made a big breakfast, went in to San Angelo & walked around the stores downtown & hung out at the soda foundation to get a coke float & a milkshake, looked at antiques, then ate an early dinner at a restaurant that used to be a bank in the 1890's with a tunnel that connected to a brothel (who knew things were so sketchy back then in San Angelo??), rode the ATV & talked with the cows, & slept some more.

We were not ready to get back to real life, that is for sure. But we were really thankful for the opportunity to go relax for a while!

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