Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Week 25

I do plan on writing up the TYSNFFTASOAPIRTPAB post in the next couple of days, so watch for it! (However I do reserve the right to not write it in the next couple of days if I don't feel like it. :-) )

Rutabaga (the weight of one anyways... not that I even know what a rutabaga looks like)

13 1/2 inches, 1.5 lb (I can't believe something that long is inside of me!)

Baby Changes (Source:
He's beginning to exchange his long, lean look for some baby fat. He's also growing more hair - and if you could see it, you'd be able to discern its color & texture. (I'm betting he has dark hair like Josh.)

Best Moment this Week
We had lots of fun with great friends on the Fourth of July. & ate horribly, too! (well, it tasted great, but I can't imagine it was too good for me :-) ). I also got to lay out at the pool today with two friends - ahh, relaxing!

BOY! Elliot James.

It's so fun to watch my stomach move around. I'm looking forward to being able to distinguish which body parts are poking out. He does get into one position fairly often where I guess a knee or a foot is pushing hard on this particular spot on my stomach & it hurts! I have to get him to move so I can be more comfortable.

Food Craving
Still eating fruit like a crazy person. Watermelon, white nectarines, cherries, oranges, & honeydew this week. :-)

So, the pregnancy pillow does seem to help, but apparently does not alleviate my back pain. Yesterday was really bad & today I have still had to be very cautious with my movements so I don't make it worse. Last night while I was trying to get comfortable I realized my hips were hurting... that's new. I just think the days of good, comfortable sleep are over until Elliot is sleeping in his room instead of in my belly.

What I am looking forward to
I'm currently bidding on a baby carrier (a mei tai) on ebay & I'll find out tonight if I win it! This weekend I'm heading off to Austin to spend time with some friends from high school which will be fun as always, while Josh & a friend of ours work on replacing the plumbing & re-tiling our shower. I'm really excited for that to get done!

Slight nausea, exhaustion, extreme back pain (the past couple of days anyways), hip pain at night.

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