Friday, August 20, 2010

Week 31

Four navel oranges (weight)

Over 16 inches, 3.3 lbs

Baby Changes (Source:
He is heading into a growth spurt. He can turn his head from side to side, & his arms, legs & body are beginning to plump out as needed fat accumulates underneath his skin.

Best Moment this Week
My shower was last weekend. We had friends & family come in from out of town, which I am so thankful for, & I was amazed at the effort that my friends put in to throwing my shower (everything looked so cute!) & at the love that was showered on us. The women at the shower prayed over me & Elliot at the end, & it meant so much to me to hear their words spoken over him.

BOY! Elliot James.

I found out at my appointment this week that Elliot is frank breech, so we are praying that he turns head down very soon. We definitely do not want a C-section! He's still moving pretty good, so I don't think he's really running out of room yet.

Food Craving
This week's fruits: white nectarines, strawberries, apples, & mango. I don't think I've really been craving anything in particular....

I have been really tired lately. I think it's a mix of normal pregnant tired plus being super busy lately. I'm still sleeping pretty well.

What I am looking forward to
We actually have no plans this weekend, except to do stuff around the house. We haven't had an empty weekend in a couple of months. We'll probably sleep in, then I think Josh is going to work on a bookcase for Elliot's room while I work on organizing all the things we were given last weekend.

A little nausea, super tired, lower back pain, swelling (fingers, feet a little - I can't wear my wedding bands anymore so I'm wearing the fake version now).


Whitney said...

Ahh, Little Elliot, please turn around!!! Although I hope he does, in the words of a dear friend of mine who ended up having a c-section after laboring, pushing, and still no baby, "I didn't get pregnant to have a delivery". The Lord knows the outcome, just trust that it is good! :)
ps: your friends had lots of fun planning your shower. However, one of your friends is a little manic, and therefore believes the others will never want to plan with her again... :)

Sandy said...

Hey Courtney,
I ended up having to have a c-section with Lisa (and Katie). She just really liked being in the womb after my water broke and didn't want to come out(failure to progress). I remember telling Mike how I wished I would have paid more attention to the c-section part of the child-birth class because I never "planned" on having a c-section:-) Anyway, it wasn't really bad (no episiotomy) and we even scheduled the c-section for Katie (which was great--childcare, groceries, laundry all planned for:-)
Blessings to you sweet friend.