Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Teething, & things you do with your teeth

So I don't think that I realized how much I would hate teething. Hate it! First of all, it's one of those things that sometimes is hard to figure out... okay, fussy baby... been fed, been changed (though Elliot doesn't fuss over a messy diaper), being entertained... teething??? The past couple of nights, he has woken up & screamed & screamed, even when I'm rocking him. We've busted out the Tylenol on those occasions. It's just sad that he is hurting & I can't do anything! & that it interrupts sleep - no one wants that!! & no teeth to be seen. I do think his gums were swollen today, so maybe soon.

Elliot started solids a couple of weeks ago, which didn't start out so well, but we are sticking with fruits for now while he gets used to things & develops a taste for different flavors. He likes apple. Bananas kept him from pooping for 2 days, so I think we'll keep those away for now! That, plus his need to reach & grab things, his constant movement - I have realized I have a real live baby. No more little helpless infant, but a growing boy that is developing personality & will get into trouble (hopefully not too much; we're hoping he's lame like his parents ;-) ) that will soon be crawling then walking & talking - ah! I get ahead of myself. It's fun though. It'll be totally crazy one day when we have multiple kids. In a good way. :-)

I'd also like to mention that I started up the food blog again! You can find it on the left side of the page under my favorites - Tried & True Recipe Share. It started out with several women all contributing, then we all kind of fell away from posting recipes (my excuse was that I was not experimenting in the kitchen while pregnant). But lately I have been trying lots of new recipes, so I started posting the ones that turn out good, mostly so I have a place to store them all because my recipe box is only so big. So take a look!

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