Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Week 39

Mini watermelon (weight)

20 inches, over 7 lbs (let's be real, mine's probably over 9 by now)

Baby Changes (Source: BabyCenter.com.)
Jack's just getting fatter at this point.... yikes! Come on little guy, come soon & be nice to Mama!

Best Moment this Week
We took Elliot to the Shrine Circus last weekend. (I should mention that morning Josh took Elliot to get a haircut & go to lunch so I could rest since I had been up that night with contractions, & I took a 2.5 hour nap which was awesome!) Elliot loved seeing the elephants, tigers, & poodles at the circus, & for some reason thought the motocross part was hilarious. Josh really enjoyed it too, & I had to look away from some of the acrobatic parts because I was so nervous & sweaty, afraid that they were going to fall to their deaths right in front of my eyes.

BOY! Jack Wesley.

Jack has been pretty squirmy. He seems lower than Elliot ever was, but I still wouldn't say he has "dropped." Maybe because his head is huge like his brother's was? We shall see!

Food Craving
I will say I have had a bit of a craving for childhood cereals lately. I had Kix last week & Corn Pops this week. I had to resist from buying Cocoa Puffs... ridiculous. I keep telling myself I WILL go back to my normal, healthy self after pregnancy!!

Well, it's 5:19 am & I'm blogging. I've been up since 4:30... can't sleep. I am taking more potty breaks now which stinks. I am getting a nap every day to ensure that I am as rested as possible.

What I am looking forward to
We have no more fun things planned... I'm just looking forward to having this baby! This waiting game seriously gets me every time. There is no way to know when he's going to come! We are praying it's soon. Since Elliot was so big, it's easy to assume Jack will be big too, & labor will be easier if he comes sooner. Not to mention I'm just ready to not be pregnant anymore!

Fatigue, Braxton Hicks/cramps/contractions

To Do - NOTHING! We are ready for you, little man!
-Finish Elliot's room (buy bookcase, buy lamp, make up top bunk, move in his clothes/books/toys)
-Move Elliot to new room - he's done great!
-Get out baby clothes, burp rags, etc. & wash
-Wash newborn diapers
-Raise crib & attach mobile
-Fill out hospital pre-admittance paperwork
-Print birth plan & get signed by midwives
-Pack hospital bag including getting postpartum supplies ready
-Put together pack-n-play in bedroom
-Put together swing & bouncer
-Install infant carseat
-Check/replace necessary newborn supplies: pacis, bottles/nipples, pump parts
-Buy Elliot a big brother gift from Jack to give him at the hospital

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Laura said...

Praying for you in the weeks to come!