Sunday, September 2, 2012

Labor Day Weekend Fun

Though I would have been okay with actually LABORING during Labor Day Weekend (& I'm pretty sure that won't be happening), we have done some fun stuff together. I wanted to get out of the house & do things that we may not normally do (especially all in a few days) so we could have some special memories with Elliot in the weeks before we become a family of four.

Friday evening we went out to La Cantera, a really nice outdoor mall in town, & walked around & sat in the kid's area of Barnes & Noble & Elliot looked at several books he got really excited about (trains, Elmo, Mickey Mouse, etc.). I kind of hoped that walking up & down ramps & pushing a stroller in the 100 degree heat might induce labor, but all it did was make me uncomfortable. Shucks.

Saturday morning, we went to Magnolia Pancake Haus, which is a delicious breakfast place here in town. It's always super crowded so it's not somewhere we frequent often, but after a 50 minute wait outside, we had a yummy breakfast - Elliot had a waffle & some bacon, I ate some delicious oatmeal pancakes & eggs, & Josh had some corned beef hash & toast. After nap time, we went grocery shopping, then had some friends over for dinner (the family of the pastor I used to work with). We think they are great & love hanging out with their family & getting wisdom from them regarding family & parenting.

Today we went to church, hung around the house a bit after nap time, then went out to a Turkish restaurant with a Groupon I got recently. We had never had Turkish food before, & were feeling adventurous (which is rare; both of us usually stick to what we know we like) & it was a success! We got shish kabob, falafel, & baklava. Josh declared it the best baklava he's ever had. I personally was a big fan of the thick bread & Turkish olive oil. Yum! We'll be going back for sure.

Tomorrow we have some fun plans that I'll have to write about after they occur. I know Elliot will have a blast!

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Sandy said...

Happy Labor Day!! And soon you will be having another happy labor day!!