Thursday, August 30, 2012

Week 37

Swiss chard (weight)

Over 19 inches, about 6 1/3 lbs

Baby Changes (Source:
He is now full term & his lungs are likely now able to fully adjust to life outside the womb!

Best Moment this Week
Honestly, this past week was rough! Elliot had some kind of virus that left me doing a LOT of diaper & clothes laundry, then I'm not sure if I got what he had, but I had almost a week of feeling really cruddy (just now starting to feel a little better) & food running completely through me. Kind of concerning when what you eat is supposed to nourish two people! So it hasn't been great around here.

BOY! Jack Wesley.

Jack seems to have slowed down a lot in the moving. I'm guessing he's running out of room. I think he wants more room, since he tends to stick his limbs straight out my side, which hurts! We'll see if he likes to spread out once he's out here in the real world.

Food Craving
Yuck. Food & I have NOT gotten along this week.

I'm actually sleeping decently - better than I did at this point with Elliot. Maybe because I'm not able to relax as much during the day so I'm more tired at night. I do still have trouble falling back to sleep if I wake up around 4-5ish, but I eventually do before my alarm goes off at 6 (though I usually don't get up until closer to 6:30).

What I am looking forward to
I'm ready to have this little fellow! (Though I do feel like I'm in a bit of denial that I actually WILL go into labor & birth this little guy & do the whole newborn thing again - having a toddler is so distracting!) We do have a couple of fun things planned for this weekend - yay for Labor Day!

Fatigue, Braxton Hicks/contractions/cramps, upset stomach. Going to the chiropractor has fixed my sciatic pain (the pain that went down my right leg to my foot) & has almost completely removed my lower back pain - it still hurts every now & then but not near as bad. I'm sold on chiropractic care!

To Do - NOTHING! We are ready for you, little man!
-Finish Elliot's room (buy bookcase, buy lamp, make up top bunk, move in his clothes/books/toys)
-Move Elliot to new room - he's done great!
-Get out baby clothes, burp rags, etc. & wash
-Wash newborn diapers
-Raise crib & attach mobile
-Fill out hospital pre-admittance paperwork
-Print birth plan & get signed by midwives
-Pack hospital bag including getting postpartum supplies ready
-Put together pack-n-play in bedroom
-Put together swing & bouncer
-Install infant carseat
-Check/replace necessary newborn supplies: pacis, bottles/nipples, pump parts
-Buy Elliot a big brother gift from Jack to give him at the hospital

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