Sunday, July 19, 2009

Italy - part 1 of 5 - the intro

Phew... I just finished writing about Italy! (I can finally check it off my to-do list, yay!). I will post each location separately so you are not too overwhelmed :-) along with pictures.

But first, an intro.


I loved Italy. I loved getting to know their culture, seeing things that were existing when Jesus walked the earth, eating yummy food & drinking SUPER yummy cappuccinos.

We spent a week total in Venice, Florence, & Rome. I think I’ll write about each city, then tell you about some things about Italy… I kept a little notebook with me so I could write down things I wanted to remember, so you’re gonna get it all… feel free to skim through; I don’t expect you to find it all interesting if you have not been there, but this will be our way to remember the trip as well, so I will be doing into fairly good detail. :-)

We flew out of San Antonio & met up with my parents & sister in Chicago, then flew to Frankfurt, Germany, then to Venice. I wrote some things down about Germany, since it was our first impression of Europe:

-German airports have very small bathrooms. Nothing like our twenty-stalled airport bathrooms in the US.
-I had a German cappuccino, & it was very strong! I wasn’t expecting it. (They are MUCH better in Italy.)
-German “calzones” have nothing to do with pizza, but they are flatbread sandwiches with meat & cheese, & a little salt – mine was really good. I definitely prefer German & Italian sandwiches to American… ours are so boring. They have saltier meats, like proscuitto (which is EVERYWHERE, but so expensive here… why?) lots of yummy bread.
-Instead of pretzels on the plane from Frankfurt to Venice, they gave us Milka chocolate! Yumm!
-During our flight I looked out the window & saw the ALPS! They were beautiful! We also flew over London on the way there, & Paris on the way back.


Whitney said...

I'm so glad you're finally writing about this! I will read every detail! I never travelled to Italy, but lived in Germany 9 years... weird, right?
So far, I agree about the bathrooms (did you have to pay to use it?), and the sandwiches!

The Roberts' said...

we did not have to pay to use them restrooms in germany... lucky us!!

Becky and Patrick said...

I will not lie, the salty meat abundance was not my favorite. Get me a turkey sandwich any day! The only turkey sandwich I had the whole time I was in Europe had a hard boiled egg and buttered lettuce on it. Weird. And I think we paid to use the bathroom every single time, except maybe in the airport. Ah, love Europe!! So glad you had fun!

The Dodds said...

The wait is over!! I'm so glad you are finally blogging about Italy! I'll read every single detail! I've always wanted to see the Alps!!!!