Tuesday, July 7, 2009

mystery meat memories

I just got a McDonald's iced coffee. Nonfat vanilla latte to be specific. I have watched from afar as Mickey D's came out with coffee & marketed it with a vengeance. & surprisingly it stayed around. & I saw people walking around with McCafe cups. Hmm. It's really not that bad. To be critical, it could have less syrup in it, but who knows if that is always the case.

When I unwrapped the straw & saw the red & yellow lines down it, I had childhood memories of chicken McNuggets come to mind. My parents wouldn't let us have McD's often at all (& rightfully so), but when we went to visit my grandparents, we always got Happy Meals. I bet those ground chicken parts are still floating around inside me somewhere.

Josh put in a new sink last week! I am very excited about this. Our sink was NO FUN. It was divided, & the left side was very small & not deep & that was the side the disposal was on, so when we did the dishes water would go everywhere. Since we are now debt-free (we had a small amount of the 'Rolla financed & worked hard to pay it off fast), we are looking forward to investing in updates around the house, & the sink was the first. It is pretty & shiny & divided down the middle & very deep!! He also replaced the disposal, the pipes, & some other fangle-dangle stuff under there. It is very nice to be married to a handy-man. :-)

I bought a BPA-free water bottle today, & ice core inserts, & I am very excited about them. It's the little things, people.


Becky and Patrick said...

congrats on being debt free!!!

and on a new sink. my mom used to have the one with the small, shallow, disposal side and it's definitely not the best. so yay for that too!

Whitney said...

Yay for the new sink, cool water bottle, and handy husband! Even more, yay for debt free!!! Ahh, I long for the day... one day...