Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Marriage Memo

I get these "marriage memos" emails every now & then from the marriage conference we went to last fall. This week they had a list of questions to ask yourself often in regard to your marriage; I hope you find them challenging like I did:

What is keeping me from loving my spouse as I should?
Am I harboring any anger or bitterness over something my spouse has said or done?
Am I relaxing too much in my marriage relationship--have I stopped working at improving it?
Have I learned from past relationship failures, or am I repeating my same mistakes and sins?
Am I stuck in an unhealthy pattern of relating that I learned from my parents?
Do I have unrealistic expectations of how my spouse should act?
Do I have unconfessed sin in my life?
Do I forgive my spouse's sins?
Am I maintaining an unhealthy dependence upon my parents?
Am I tempted to spend too much time on activities that don't build me up in my faith or in my marriage relationship?
Do I have an unhealthy relationship with a friend or co-worker that is drawing me away from commitment to my spouse?
What is preventing me from putting my spouse's needs above my own?


Molly Kate said...

Thanks for sharing these! They are really great questions for a heart check, huh?

Marriage Counselor said...

Amazing site! I found your site very interesting.Thanks! Listing the things you like about your spouse is another way to save your marriage. You and your spouse should make a list of everything that you two like about each other. When you do this, you two will fall in love with each other all over again.