Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Week 34

Cantaloupe (weight)

Almost 18 inches, about 4.75 lbs

Baby Changes (Source: BabyCenter.com.)
His fat layers - which he'll need to regulate his body temperature once he's born - are filling out, making him rounder. His central nervous system is maturing & his lungs are continuing to mature as well.

Best Moment this Week
Josh & I had a good day & a half together Sunday afternoon & Monday after we both got back in town from our respective places. We got some stuff done in Elliot's room, then just had some fun doing things like test driving Mini Coopers (just for fun) & going to a museum in town, then Josh grilled us some steaks last night. It was just a good time together!

BOY! Elliot James.

I'm pretty sure he's now head down (yay!) after flipping a couple of times on Friday. We're not necessarily in the clear, since he can still move around a lot & could easily flip back, but we are really glad to know there is not something that is keeping him from being head down (like the cord or something). I'm thinking he has some pretty long legs too, like his dad, because when he stretches his legs out, his toosh sticks out on one end & his legs on another, so I can gauge the length, & they seem pretty long to me!

Food Craving
This week's fruits: apples, bananas, grapes, peaches. I am getting more picky about food; some things do not settle well in my stomach now, & a lot of things just don't sound good to eat.

Yuck. I'm pretty uncomfortable now, & wake up not just to go to the bathroom but to turn over or adjust my back/shoulders that are so sore now, pretty much every day.

What I am looking forward to
I am excited about a couple of upcoming things in the next few weeks, but mainly at this point I'm looking forward to Elliot being here!

A little nausea (it seems water makes me nauseous again now), exhausted, back & shoulders sore, not sleeping well, Braxton Hicks (those are not fun!), easily upset tummy.

To-Do List & Progression
-Wash clothes newborn - 3 mos.
Status: done! I might wash the rest of his clothes just for good measure.
-Wash diapers
Status: prefolds & covers washed; pocket & AIO diapers, wipes not washed
-Get bookcase done
Status: not done (Josh's job)
-Hang fabric circles, other decor
Status: not started
-Pack hospital bag
Status: not started (waiting a couple weeks)
-Install car seat
Status: car washed & car seat base installed!
-Make room in kitchen cabinets for bottles, sippy cups, plates, etc.
Status: not started
-Make up crib w/ mattress pad & sheet
Status: done!
-Buy home coming outfit
Status: done!

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Whitney said...

Yay! I'm glad it feels like he's head down now. And, I know what the long baby feels like; 2 of mine were 22 inches, which is on the longer side. You really can feel them all over the place! :)
And no, Braxton Hicks are not fun! I had them horribly with Brady... thought for sure he would come out early on his own... should have known he'd be just like the others. :)