Saturday, September 18, 2010

Week 35

(A little late, since today I'm 36 weeks!)

Honeydew melon (weight)

Over 18 inches, about 5.25 lbs

Baby Changes (Source:
His kidneys are fully developed now, & his liver can process some waste products. (It also says that he isn't doing somersaults because of his size, but that's not true of this little acrobat in my stomach!)

Best Moment this Week
Kelsy & Tyler got married last weekend! It was a busy week. It also marked the last time we go out of town until Thanksgiving - phew! Now we'll just be doing things around the house & waiting for Elliot to arrive!

BOY! Elliot James.

I did get it confirmed at my appt this week that he is head down, however a week ago he flipped to breech for a few hours then flipped back, & has attempted it a couple other times. He's a sneaky little guy!

Food Craving
This week's fruits: apples, bananas, grapes, peaches, white nectarines, grapefruit.

Sleep is continually getting less fun. My back, shoulders, hips, & legs hurt; it's harder to flip or get up in the middle of the night; & I have a hard time getting back to sleep each time I get up.

What I am looking forward to
Josh & I have a special anniversary coming up next week. The second most important anniversary, I guess. :-)

A little nausea, exhausted, sore back & shoulders, not sleeping well, Braxton Hicks (continue to get more noticeable), & a new one - it feels like I have arthritis in my hands now. Apparently it's a less common symptom, but it hurts to do normal things now, like grabbing stuff.

To-Do List & Progression
-Wash clothes newborn - 3 mos.
Status: done! I might wash the rest of his clothes just for good measure.
-Wash diapers
Status: prefolds & covers washed; pocket & AIO diapers & wipes all washed - I have a couple of diapers/inserts that get one more wash then they'll be ready to go!
-Get bookcase done
Status: not done (Josh's job)
-Hang fabric circles, other decor
Status: not started
-Pack hospital bag
Status: in progress - some things packed, some things need to get washed, some things will have to wait until right before we head to the hospital (like toiletries)
-Install car seat
Status: car washed & car seat base installed!
-Make room in kitchen cabinets for bottles, sippy cups, plates, etc.
Status: not started
-Make up crib w/ mattress pad & sheet
Status: done!
-Buy home coming outfit
Status: done!

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whitney said...

1. buy the travel sized toiletries, and go ahead and pack them. if it's a sudden evac to the hospital, you'll forget something for sure! :) oh, and i brought the face cleaning wipes that Olay makes... makes for less time standing up at the sink (which you'll appreciate!), and you can freshen up fast. i wish i had used them all three times. :) also, the 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner... again, less time standing.

2. don't bring a white pillow case. if your sheets are white, buy a clearance, gaudy printed case and pack it. it helps to keep your stuff separate from the hospital stuff.

3. i got arthritis too. unfortunately, it got worse after the baby, but seems to be improving now at the 6 month mark. weird, 'cause i didn't get it with the others, just b.


And, there's my book of a comment. :)