Thursday, May 10, 2012


This week, we moved Elliot out of his high chair to the table. He loves it! He has been able to climb into chairs for maybe 6 weeks, & he loves sitting at the table with us. So it was an easy transition. I'm especially thankful that my little man is very orderly & hates (like, despises) being dirty. So he keeps all of his food on the plate, & the plate on the mat. Yes, I'm a lucky one with that!

(Yesterday, there was a big puddle in the front since it has been raining. Elliot, ignoring my warnings, stepped right in the puddle, & just started crying. Didn't move, just wailed as his feet got wet. Silly guy!)

I also put a small, flat pillow in his crib to start to get him used to sleeping on it. He seemed to sleep on it during his nap, & we'll see how tonight goes.

My little guy is growing up!! He'll be 2 in 5 months.... that is CRAZY. I can see how people live in denial over their baby growing up. But, he has to make way for little brother, which I think makes things much easier.

He just started fussing because he dropped yogurt on the table. It just cracks me up!

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