Monday, May 7, 2012

Week 21

Yikes, I'm way behind! So I'm just going to skip ahead to where I am now.


10 1/2 inches head to foot; 12 oz.

Baby Changes (Source:
Your baby's eyebrows & lids are present now.

Best Moment this Week
Josh & I went to Newport, Rhode Island for 5 days for our 5-year anniversary. It was so good to get away from the busyness of life & hang out together & do lots of relaxing. We ate some good seafood, viewed the gorgeous mansions of Newport (two built by the Vanderbilts, as well as other very wealthy families), & enjoyed our bed & breakfast. It has been tough to come back to real life! Elliot was in great hands with his Papa & Mimi & barely realized we were gone.

BOY! Jack Wesley.

Jack seems to be a much less active little guy than Elliot was! As I write these, I'm reading what I wrote with my last pregnancy, & I still only feel Jack a few times a day while at this point I was able to tell Elliot's position already. Crazy how different each pregnancy can be!

Food Craving
I definitely indulged while on vacation! Our bed & breakfast had these delicious chocolate chip macaroons available every day, & we had plenty of other treats too. I can't remember any specific cravings.

I'm sleeping okay, minus back pain. Still avoiding the dumb pregnancy pillow, thankfully!

What I am looking forward to
Hmm, nothing in particular! We don't have anything super fun coming up, & I don't need to do much of anything in the way of planning for Jack right now, sooo... just daily life!

Back pain, slight nausea after eating, fingers starting to swell (had to say bye to my rings this week :( ).

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