Tuesday, April 14, 2009

High Maintenance Hair

When I was in elementary school, my hair was long & wavy, like mermaid hair. In junior high, my hair was frizzy (naturally). In high school, my hair was pretty straight (probably due to the fact that it was fried blonde every few weeks). In college, I stopped the haircolor & my hair started getting wavy again. I could use mousse & fix it wavy, or just blow dry it & it would look fairly straight.

Since graduating college, my hair has gotten much wavier. I used to use a Conair straightener but I finally had to succumb to the Chi due to my crazy waves. Now, I do like the fact that I can fix my hair wavy or I can completely straighten it. It's fun to have variety. However, I'm now annoyed that I can't just blow-dry my hair & go anymore. It just looks bad. So most days of the week it ends up pulled back (which is fine since I'm at home most days anyways).

I decided this week that curlers seemed like a good idea. I mean, the thought of being able to walk around & do whatever while my hair fixes itself is pretty appealing. I haven't owned curlers since high school, but now I do again. So, I used them today. You know the drill. Plug in & wait until that dot turns black before you put them in your hair. I'm convinced my dot is broken. I kept waiting for it to change, it didn't, so I figured a watched dot never blackens, so I left, only to return to a not-black dot. Anyways.

I'm not sure what to do now. My hair is... curly. Like, Texas curls curly. If I went out to the grocery store right now people would stare. Maybe not if I were a five-year old in a pageant, or a country music singer, but I'm neither.

I'm sure Josh will get a good chuckle or two out of it. But then I will need to figure out something before we leave the house tonight... hmm.


Becky and Patrick said...


i'd take your waves that you can wear in public any day. my hair is naturally wavy but in a nasty kind of way that people would stare at me if i went out like that. a 'that would only be acceptable if you were an awkward 13 year old girl and were expected to be unaware of how ridiculous you look' stare.

Whitney said...

Ha! That is hilarious! My hair is the same as yours... only not so cute-wavy when wavy. More like, "I attempted to have wavy hair and failed" wavy.
The Chi does work wonders though...
Funny that this came along today when I was thinking, "maybe I should just perm it or something"! Ha! Maaaaaybe not.

Claire said...

girl I love hot rollers...though you already knew that ;) I don't have the big hair problem that often, cuase my hair doesn't take curl as well as yours, but when I do, I brush my hair quite a bit to pull some of the curl out, and it that doesn't work, blow some of the curl out with a blow dryer.