Monday, August 31, 2009

Lentil Soup

I'm making another Rachael Ray recipe tonight, which is rare - I always watch the cooking portion of her show but most of her meals aren't something I care to make. But this lentil soup sounds yummy - it has sausage (which is good b/c we really need to get rid of some deer sausage), potato, mushrooms, & kale in it... yum!

UPDATE: It is DELISH! It is more of a stoup, it is super thick & hearty. I made some rosemary rolls to go along for dipping, & it went together perfectly! I made a couple modifications, of course. I nixed the onions (but used onion powder for flavor), put in 3 potatoes instead of 1 (I like potatoes in soup; Rachael Ray said she really just puts one in out of habit so I wanted to boost up the potato-ness), & since I had more "stuff" due to the extra potatoes, I added some white wine I had leftover from another recipe (around 1 cup) for more liquid, & it added a nice flavor to the soup. I think you should make it... this one is going in the books y'all!

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Becky said...

Ok, I have a question in blogging etiquette. When you comment on my blog, and I want to respond to the comment, do I respond on my blog or yours? Is this more like facebook wall writing, or comment response? :-)

In response, to be honest the swine flu hasn't freaked me out much so far. Once I know someone who has it the fear will probably strike, but for the most part I take the 'stick my head in the sand' approach to things like that. There are, however, like 4 gallon-size tubs of hand sanitizer strategically placed around our office that we are strongly encouraged to use in light of the swine flu so I should probably be more concerned than I am.