Friday, October 8, 2010

The Reasons Elliot Should Come Now

(or within the next week or so. The first reason is really the only not selfish one. :-) )

1. So Zac & Cara can meet him when they come on the 18th - I mean, they're flying in from DC, it's only courteous!
2. So we can carve a pumpkin outside with him.
3. So we can take him to our church's Fall Festival.
4. So I can go to our church's women's retreat for the day.
5. So we can enjoy the perfect fall weather together (he should come now while it's still a smidge warm).
6. Because the earlier he comes, the earlier I can fit into my jeans again, & this needs to happen before it gets warm!! (I dream of wearing my jeans again... yes I do believe this is the most selfish reason on the list.)
7. Because why WOULDN'T I want him to come early???? I mean, he's baked for 39 weeks, he's probably nice & fluffy & ready for the world by now.

But if he doesn't come early, that's okay too... but I am ready to see him!


TheHaleySmith said...

Somehow I don't think Elliot would remember carving that pumpkin or fall festival or even the nice fall weather :)

The Dodds said...

Yes nice and fluffy!! I'm sure he is both of those things by now! We are waiting on pins and needles!

Cara Toolan said...

number one is definitely the most important, does elliot have any idea what plane tickets cost these days!?! will elliot even know what a plane is?!? his generation will probably just teleport places...