Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Week 38

Leek (length)

19.5 inches, about 6.8 lbs

Baby Changes (Source:
At this point it's basically the same... he's ready for the outside world, just getting fatter the longer he's in there!

Best Moment this Week
Josh finished the bookcase & now his room is complete!

BOY! Elliot James.

Same old thing. He's pretty much hanging around in the same spot now, & not even switching sides like he used to do pretty much several times a day.

Food Craving
This week's fruits: apples, black grapes, peaches, bananas, strawberries. I have been chugging orange juice like crazy, too. I craved it in the first trimester, took a second trimester break, & now I drink at least one glass every morning.

Well... I hate to be negative but... ugh. I have no idea why people keep saying, "Enjoy your sleep before baby gets here!" For reals? Did these people really sleep well in the last month? I know I won't sleep a ton when he's here, but I know I will sleep better than I am now, because it's pretty bad!

What I am looking forward to
LABOR! He can come now...!

A little nausea, exhausted, sore back & shoulders, not sleeping well, Braxton Hicks, arthritis hands.

To-Do List & Progression
-Wash clothes newborn - 3 mos.
Status: done! I might wash the rest of his clothes just for good measure.
-Wash diapers
Status: prefolds & covers washed; pocket & AIO diapers & wipes all washed.
-Get bookcase done
Status: done!
-Hang fabric circles, other decor
Status: Fabric circles hung! A few things have to wait until the bookcase is done, which I have no control over, so I'm going to check this off the list to make myself feel better. :-)
-Pack hospital bag
Status: packed!
-Install car seat
Status: car washed & car seat base installed!
-Make room in kitchen cabinets for bottles, sippy cups, plates, etc.
Status: Done!
-Make up crib w/ mattress pad & sheet
Status: done!
-Buy home coming outfit
Status: done!


Whitney said...

lol... what makes the post-baby sleep so different is that you are adding mental fatigue to the physical fatigue. But, it doesn't last forever. :)

Sandy said...

I think God prepares us for no sleep when the baby comes by having no sleep before the baby gets here!! God has such a sense of humor:-)
Praying for you, Elliot and Josh.