Monday, July 23, 2012

To Do

This is for my own sake. It kind of hit recently that we have to start thinking about a lot of these things, so I'm trying to get my mind focused on them. This pregnancy has been different in that we aren't consumed by all things baby - we are a little preoccupied! But I do believe September is creeping up on us which means I have some things I need to get done.

(I know by only blogging about pregnancy I have narrowed down my readership to about 3 people; perhaps one day I will blog about more than that!)

To Do List
-Finish Elliot's room (buy bookcase, buy lamp, make up top bunk, move in his clothes/books/toys, get shelving for closet)
-Move Elliot to new room - 2 weeks & counting!
-Get out baby clothes, burp rags, etc. & wash
-Wash newborn diapers
-Raise crib & attach mobile
-Fill out hospital pre-admittance paperwork (planning on doing this at my 34 wk appt)
-Pack hospital bag (around 36 weeks) including getting postpartum supplies ready
-Put together pack-n-play in bedroom
-Put together swing & bouncer
-Install infant carseat
-Check/replace necessary newborn supplies: pacis, bottles/nipples, pump parts, et
-Buy Elliot a big brother gift from Jack to give him at the hospitalc.

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