Wednesday, January 7, 2009

painting is a dummy

I have decided that I do not enjoy painting. I am currently painting the bathroom, & I have already painted the living room, kitchen, & our bedroom. The bathroom is the worse by far. Lots of corners, crevices, & in a small(er) unventilated room. Not to mention painting behind the toilet. I thought I was going to finish today, but I ran out of paint & I don't feel like leaving the house. So... I live to paint another day.

I have a headache anyways so that is a good excuse, right?

It turns out we have finally been hooked into watching The Biggest Loser. It's true. We had never watched it until late November, & we just started out watching the eliminations because how fun can it be to watch people work out, right? But we watched the premiere last night & we are hooked. It is AMAZING the transformations these people go through. So emotional! I think it's great that they learn how to take care of themselves by exercising & eating well (God wants us to take care of our bodies!). Their lives are changed!

I booked our cruise yesterday, & I just can't wait! It is going to be so much fun! Any of you who have been on cruises before have any tips?

Okay, I have to go finish reading (or at least attempt to get a little further) in the book we are reading for book club... when I finish it (assuming I do!) I'll write a review.


Whitney said...

Ha! Our book reviews will probably be very similar... :)

C-LSchafer said...

Forget all diets and eat in moderation:-)