Monday, January 19, 2009

my brain is full!

I woke up today with a heavy dose of motivation. Probably too heavy, as it makes me want to ignore all other duties & responsibilities in order to do what I am motivated to do - ORGANIZE OUR HOUSE!!!

Our house is usually pretty clean & presentable. But my office could use some work, our junk room is driving me nuts, we need a big bookshelf for our room & somewhere to put all our games that are piled in our living room... etc. So I almost cannot stop my mind from thinking of under-the-bed storage, color coordinated fabric boxes, & selling things on Craigslist.

I have this issue where when I get something in my mind, REALLY in there, I cannot stop until it is accomplished. If only I had the time! I'm sure if I stopped doing church work, laundry, & cooking, the world would survive... right??

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The Mabee's said...

Hmmm you are on the same task as me, our office/junk room is full of stuff we dont need. I am in the process of cleaning it out and selling stuff on Craigslist. I only wish i could snap my fingers and make our whole house look like those awesome "organizing" magazines! Wouldnt that be awesome!?