Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I was tagged...

...by Becky to go to my pictures, click on the fourth album, then the fourth picture, post & explain it. So here ya go!

& I'm not even in it! ha. This is Josh & his bff Zac at the Nationals vs. Braves game back in September from our trip to visit Zac in DC. What a fun trip! So fun we are going back this fall as well!

So, I'm supposed to tag four people, but there is only one person that checks my blog consistently that also blogs (that I know of), that has not yet been tagged... WHITNEY!


whitney said...

hee hee! yep, i do! i have NO idea what this means, but i think it sounds like fun!

Becky and Patrick said...


and congrats on un-junking your junk room. :-)

Whitney said...

okay, I did finally do this (as you know), and my picture wasn't even of humans. Nope our idiot dogs.
It was fun, though. I hadn't looked at those pictures in a loooong time!