Saturday, January 24, 2009

productive saturday

The junk room looks so much better! All that's left is Josh's big pile of hunting stuff, old school stuff, etc. that he needs to go through. Then our junk room will need a new name - Toby's room? Does a cat get a whole room? Green room? I'll need to paint over that lime green one day.

Public Service Announcement: if any of you people need office supplies, check with us before you head to the store! We may have what you need! We have tons of stuff leftover from college, tons as in, we will probably never go through all of it, even in the lifetime of our children's children's children... you get it.

I made a good crock-pot lasagna the other day, courtesy of Betty Crocker. Here is the recipe. Tip: it doesn't make for amazing leftovers, so perhaps make it when you will be having people over - it serves 6-8.

Our freezer is now full of deer meat & sausage, fish, & some turkey. We have had breakfast tacos for dinner with the deer sausage, & I'm making my stoup for dinner next week. Have any good sausage recipes? Please share!

We are going out for my first birthday dinner tonight with Brad & Haley (& Grayson of course). I get a free meal at a local restaurant since it is almost my birthday so we're going tonight. My next birthday dinner will be the real one with Josh, then the last one a week later with my parents - a joint birthday dinner for me & my dad. I love birthdays that last at least a week!

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