Friday, January 23, 2009

Paint & prayer

I finished painting the bathroom walls! Finally. It's only a slight victory tho, because I still have to go paint all of the cabinets white (they are an antiqued yellow - yuck). Not to mention eventually painting the baseboards again (that will be a whole-house project). & I would like to buy iron towel racks to replace the white ones. So, there is still much work to be done to make that bathroom look good.

This weekend we have NO plans (which is really rare!) so we are going to be working around the house, specifically in the junk room, raking leaves, & Josh will be working on his bench in the garage so we can hopefully get the garage looking nice again. Maybe we'll be super productive!

I would love some prayers for my knees. They had seemed much better in the past few months, but in the past couple of weeks they have started hurting again. Yesterday I was having to limp because one of my knees hurt so bad. It's pretty frustrating. Instead of spending time & money finding a doctor that can only MAYBE help, I am praying that The Ultimate Physician will heal my knees! I am begging really. I would love to run without pain again one day.... that is my hope.

God has been doing a lot lately, & maybe I'll be able to actually write it all out one day. I'm not sure I could put it all into words right now. I am thankful that He is growing us big time.

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Claire said...

I am so sad to hear your knees are acting up again. We are praying girl! LOVE YOU!!!