Wednesday, February 25, 2009

baby just cruise.. away.. from heeeerrreee....

I just booked our excursion for our cruise. You know how you can pick to do something like ride ATVs, view Mexican ruins, go snorkeling, etc. What are we doing, you ask?

Sitting on a beach for FIVE HOURS!!!!

I'm SO EXCITED. Doesn't that just sound amazing?? Laying out in the sun... listening to the waves (& the millions of people around you I'm sure)... oh I just can't wait!

I am also excited because I am wearing my Hey Cupcake shirt! I love it.

I have been really busy with work lately... our church is growing, which is great, but that means more work for me! Which is fine, but... I am super excited to go on a vacation!

While listening to my iPod during my workout, a particular lyric stuck out to me that I really like, by Jonah33 - I will leave you with this -

"Why are we so convinced that we will offend to show the purity of Christ?"


The Dodds said...

I will not lie. I am jealous. I would LOVE to lay on the beach for 5 hours!! Sounds heavenly!! Take LOTS of pictures... I know you will!! Love you!

Laura Pearce said...

That sounds like pure bliss! Enjoy that beach and wiggle your toes in the sand for me!