Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Book Review: The Scribe by Francine Rivers

The plot: This book is a fictional (but based on what we know in the Bible) story about Silas, who accompanied Paul & Peter in their travels & documented their letters. Francine Rivers takes what is mentioned about him in the book of Acts & creates a story with a fictional background, his interactions with Paul, Peter, Luke, & other biblical figures, how he viewed events that actually happened, etc.

What we talked about in book club: We talked about several of the issues that were brought up by the book, such as how the books of the Bible ended up in the Bible verses what someone (such as Silas) could have written (so, words inspired by the Holy Spirit vs. man's words), celibacy vs. marriage, how Francine depicted Peter & Paul vs. what we thought of them based on what we know from the Bible, etc. Of course, as Francine's books often do, the book caused us to go to the Word to see what was true & what was fictional.

Recommendation: I really liked this book. It made me realize that someone who is just mentioned a few times in the Bible could have really made a difference in spreading the gospel, & that God can use ME even in my little life. Of course I love the books that are based on God's Word because it makes me want to know the Word even more, & it brings to life people that had just been names before. She has four other books that are written about men in the Bible that I want to read as well.

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