Wednesday, February 4, 2009

i heart francine rivers

I am reading "The Scribe" by Francine Rivers, about Silas of the New Testament (it's fictional but based on the Bible), & I read a couple of things yesterday I liked a lot:

"How many times had I seen the Good News greeted with anger & scorn? Most people don't want to hear the truth, let alone embrace it. To accept Christ's gift means admitting that everything on which we based our lives before has gained us nothing. It means surrendering to a power greater than ourselves. Few want to surrender to anything but their lusts. We cling to our vanity & go on striving to find our own way when there is only one way."

Then, Silas, Paul & Luke see a rabbi (a leader of the synagogue, they did not like what Paul et al. had to teach) get knocked down & beaten, so they take care of him, while telling him about Jesus....

"Sosthenes tried not to listen at first. He wept & covered his ears. But gradually he did listen. 'It was not your words that convinced me,' he told us. 'It was your love. I was your enemy, Paul, & you & Silas lifted me up.'"

So powerful...

Sage is currently freaking out at a squirrel in the front yard. Making squeaky noises & bouncing around the room. It's pretty funny. :-)

Josh got me "You've Got Mail," "Notting Hill," & "While You Were Sleeping" for my birthday (I asked for the first two, & he bought the latter because it was $5 :-) ) & I'm pretty excited to watch them!

Today is my dad's birthday. Happy Birthday Daddy!

I just ate a snack of Gouda cheese & a 100-calorie pack of Oreo snack cakes.

Yes this post has been very random. Now I'm going to end with a scripture that reminded me Monday where my hope lies...

"Lord, don't hold back your tender mercies from me. My only hope is in your unfailing love & faithfulness." Psalm 40:11

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Whitney said...

I love random item posts! Makes me feel not crazy since my life is like a random post most days... :)
I haven't started the book yet, need to go to the library. I'm glad you like it so far! Most of her books are pretty good...