Thursday, February 12, 2009

i love cows!

I just love San Antonio.

During almost all of February, the AT&T Center sends the Spurs on the road so it can host the San Antonio Rodeo. The Rodeo is so much fun! I mean I'm not a huge fan of mean men wrestling poor baby cows to the ground by twisting their necks (if you have never seen this event, don't freak out, it's not as bad as I'm making it sound)... but besides that it is fun! Two years in a row now, we have gone on Christian night. Last year we saw Toby Mac & Jeremy Camp, & last night we saw Switchfoot. They were great, of course... I think I have seen them four times now!

Josh & I were sitting there, talking about how it is a tradition now to go to the rodeo every year (because with me, if you do it twice, it's tradition), & that we were also planning on going to see a Broadway play (Wicked) for the second year in a row so that means we have to do that every year from now on as well. We also love going to Spurs games (if I could figure out a way to get cheap tickets we'd go a lot!). & I was thinking of all these super fun things... & that I just love living here. It's such a great city. It's small from the day-to-day, I never drive more than ten or fifteen minutes anywhere on the average day, but there are so many opportunities to do fun things when we want to! After growing up in Roswell & Midland, I am totally loving living in this city!

Oh & yes it is true... I love cows! I would love a pet cow if we ended up on land one day. They're so cute!

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